About Us

Launched on March 30, 2020 Neighbours in Need is a platform built to facilitate acts of kindness and community involvement on a hyperlocale scale. Our mission is to create a community of helpers ready to respond to needs in their area. We’ve all felt a little helpless in these uncertain times and it can be hard to know what to do. We believe that channeling that energy into helping others can be one of the best ways to help yourself and to stay positive.

The platform allows users to post requests for help that are then visually represented on a map, and others to offer to facilitate these requests. We envision requests ranging from delivery of groceries and supplies through to emotional support and community engagement. As with any social media community we are excited to see what use people find in it that we have yet to even envision. The platform also allows for facilitating these requests for help through chat based instant messaging and other tools.

Built in Calgary, Alberta the project is completely not for profit, and there are no ads or other monetization on the platform. This is truly about using technology to help bring those together who are looking to support others and to create an outlet for people during challenging times.

There are also opportunities to launch tailored platforms customized for specific communities if the need exists. We will work with organizations on an individual basis to conceive these projects and bring them to fruition.

We invite everyone to join the community, encourage those who are in need to ask for help and are humbled by those willing to provide offers of assistance and comfort.